Mask Ordering


You can pick from two styles: with ties, or with elastic. I personally prefer the kind that ties because it won't irritate behind your ears, it adds another color for extra personalization, and it can go in the dryer (you shouldn't put elastic in the dryer). Also, I only have 3/8" elastic, which is a bit thicker than recommended for masks, but c'est la vie. 

Payment will be accepted through Venmo (preferred), PayPal, or mailed check. 

Masks are $5/each.

Once you submit your order, you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours with further instructions. 

*I only bought about a yard of each fabric, so this is first come, first serve. If I run out of the color you want, I'll let you know. 

**I will be out of town May 29-June 14 to visit my family. If you submit your order after May 22 it will not arrive until after I return.

Fabric options:


1. Navy - TIES ONLY

2. Woodland - SOLD OUT

3. Periwinkle - TIES ONLY

4. Hydrangea

5. Vintage

6. Chocolate

7. Neature

8. Ivory - SOLD OUT

9. Sunflower

10. Forest

11. Enchantment - SOLD OUT

12. White - SOLD OUT

13. Classy - SOLD OUT

14. Floral coral

15. Springtime - SOLD OUT

16. Illustrated

17. Black

18. Crimson