The idea for Songbird Dancewear began in 2014 as a small side project inspired by my work in the ButlerBallet costume shop. Over time, I began to design my own styles and primarily sold my creations to friends and classmates. Since then, Songbird Dancewear has continued to grow and now ships orders all around the U.S. and even internationally.

As dancers, we are constantly and inevitably expressing ourselves through our work. Every detail from our hair, to the jewelry we wear says something about us. It is my hope that through Songbird Dancewear, dancers will be able to further their individual self-expression. I want dancers to feel confident and unique when they wear a Songbird leotard. When you spend the whole day staring at yourself in a mirror, it's important to wear something that makes you feel good. 

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Songbird Dancewear

Photo by Maximillian Tortoriello

About the Creator

Hope Hagen grew up dancing in Minnesota where she trained in classical ballet, jazz, and tap. She graduated Cum Laude from Butler University with a Bachelor of Science in Dance Arts Administration. During her time at Butler, she spent countless hours in the ButlerBallet costume shop where she gained knowledge in dance costuming. This is where she discovered her love of sewing and where the idea for Songbird Dancewear began! 

In addition to dance, Hope has a strong background in music. She began taking piano lessons at age 7 and continues to play in her free time. 

Hope previously served as the Costume Manager for Ballet Co.Laboratory, where she designed and built costumes for their productions in addition to managing fittings, rentals, and costume care. To view her work, visit the costuming page under the gallery tab.

Hope is passionate about the advancement and continuation of the fine arts and strives to share that passion with as many people as possible. She believes in the healing power of art and its ability to bring communities together to share in the human experience. The arts are truly a gift to humanity and we need them now more than ever.

Songbird Dancewear

Photo by Brittany Gleason